Jollynn's first 10 million GMV Celebration Friday, December 1st, 2023 Our company arranged for Jollynn's first 10 million GMV Celebration.

Centurygrow the 3rd anniversary Friday, May 20th, 2022 Our company arranged for the 3rd anniversary of our company.

While e-commerce may provide a solution to offline stores closing down and people not wanting to shop in crowded areas, the online industry also faces a tough challenge when it comes to the actual fulfillment of increased orders. Warehouses and distribution centers might be affected by top-down implemented rules and regulations, and thus it remains to be seen what can be done after announced lock-down. Until then, we all operate as per usual! #covid19 #thailand #ecommerce #warehouseoperations #logisticssolutions #deliveryservice

Without taking a more efficient registration system into consideration, the Thai government should improve the e-payment system for operators and issue comprehensive rules to regulate online transactions. For example, in China, the regulatory system is divided into a nationwide e-payment system and a provincial/local e-payment system, enabling small businesses to enter e-commerce more smoothly. #thailand #ecommerce #startup #epayments

Tax collections, when implemented, should also be about improving services for taxpayers (i.e. electronic filing, online payment transfers) and publicly sharing data that can shed light on how much is spent on digital services, which will lower overall costs in e-commerce. #ecommercebusiness #digitalcommerce #indonesia #thailand

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