You might not have heard of us yet, but we’ve been around for a long time! Our team has been killing GMV targets for over a decade, and while we are not bored of doing just that, we take pride in offering a little more. We combine experience, data, technology and creativity, and apply this across all channels, resources and partnerships at our disposal to really grow your business.

Who are we

Century Grow is a data-driven New Retail brand enabler that offers professional, comprehensive and efficient e-commerce and digital marketing services from Bangkok, Thailand. Our mother company Cloudbird is located in Hangzhou, China, and is one of the most experienced service providers for domestic and foreign brands in Mainland China. Our international team has worked in the internet business for over ten years and has served dozens of clients from around the world. In Thailand, we serve global brands like Boots, Nestlé, P&G, Philips, Royal Canin, Unilever and Vivo.

As an exclusive Lazada Strategic Partner and Key Service Provider, CG works closely with Southeast Asia’s biggest e-commerce platform on various projects and services, from celebrity livestreaming and innovative campaign management to simplifying FDA registrations and kick-starting your brand on new platforms like YouPik. We are also building our own KOL pool and cooperate with universities in Thailand to recruit and educate the next generation of online sellers and consumers.

Why choose us

The e-commerce business is a competitive one, and there is plenty of choice when it comes to companies offering brands help to navigate this dense environment. Despite all of this, Century Grow remains a player with unique capabilities and strategies to accelerate your online business like no other.


One-stop-shop service provider

At Century Grow, we offer customized A-to-Z e-commerce services. Our one-stop-shop concept means we are able to provide end-to-end solutions catered to your exact needs, whether these are warehouse and logistics management, digital marketing and campaign development, or store optimization and customer service. This doesn’t mean we have no specialization or eye for detail. In fact, the exact opposite is true – we are convinced our team has the capability to execute each of these tasks on a high enough industry level to consider these as a core part of our service scope.

Lazada preferred partner

Century Grow is an exclusive and certified Lazada Partner (“LP”). Whether you are a small up and coming start-up or well-established global player, an LP will make sure that – among other things – all communication between brand and platform is smooth and seamless, you are regularly engaging in a dialogue with your category managers and discussing campaigns that are coming up, and you have access to data so you can optimize future performance. Being more than familiar with the platform, the e-festival calendar, and how to read all the numbers, CG obtained “preferred partner” status, which means we are in an excellent situation to negotiate with Lazada on your behalf and position the brand in the best possible way to win.

10+ years’ e-com experience

From top-tier management level down to our colleagues in the trenches, we have built up an exceptionally motivated team of people from different backgrounds with one characteristic in common: caring about e-commerce. Our team has grinded in-house for international companies like Mars and Johnson & Johnson, has been involved in the founding of groundbreaking e-com giants such as Leqee and Pinduoduo, and has experience with what happens behind the scenes at Alibaba and Lazada. Young, international, dynamic and passionate, Century Grow’s team is its first and most valuable asset.



Knowledge and technical know-how from China market

experience in the China market is crucial to e-commerce success in Southeast Asia. Coming from Hangzhou, we have witnessed the trends and developments in Thailand’s digital environment before, which means we anticipate and react faster to all new tools and tricks that slowly but surely become available on platforms and social media channels in the region.



Multiple fulfillment options, fast delivery

CG’s own warehouse and fulfillment service is in the making, so in the meantime we give our clients the option to freely choose the storage and last-mile-delivery services that are best suited to their specific needs. Currently we work together with Best, Flash and Lazada’s own FBL fulfillment services. When product details are shared with CG, we will provide a cost breakdown per SKU of all of our warehouse and delivery partners.


Dedicated team for your brand

Although we are growing fast, our strategic approach remains personal and our service scope flexible. Century Grow will do everything it can to simplify all procedures necessary for running a successful online business, while continuously maintaining our high standards doing so. As such, clients that decide to partner with us will have their own CG KAM, and if wished for, a full-time dedicated team that runs your day-to-day operations, marketing, design, or customer service. We are used to schedule regular meetings to track industry trends and developments, project progress, necessary target adjustments, store performance and page optimization. Thanks to our large backup team in China, we are never short-handed – whether during low season or peak campaign times like Double 11 or Double 12. With regular exchanges taking place between our offices (both for training and leisurely purposes!), Century Grow maintains a lively and engaged team and healthy and prosperous company structure.


Professional digital marketing team and services


Flexible business models and economic rate cards


Thai/Chinese/English communication


Pre- and post-sales Customer Service

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